Club Leadership


Jr Staff Commodore – Scott LaMay
Commodore – Christine Doll
Vice Commodore – Jeff Bonebreak
Rear Commodore – Gina Haas
Fleet Captain – Mike Guccione
Port Captian – Carol Butte


Secretary – Terry Guerin
Membership Chair – Julie Knapp
Race Chair – Mark Chapin
Chaplin – Ken Price
House Manager – Brandon & Candice Castorena
Tech Advisor – Brian Drawert

Board of Directors

Board of Directors – Mark Chapin
Board of Directors – Eric Dugdale
Board of Directors – Henry Chodsky
Board of Directors – Kent Andersson
Board of Directors – Julie Knapp

Board of Governors

Board of Governors Chair – Glen Solomon
Board of Governors – Ted Woolery
Board of Governors – Mary Wichser
Board of Governors – Larry Koch
Board of Directors – Kent Andersson
Board of Governors – Mike Blumenthal
Encourage and foster interest in all aspects of yachting.