ASMBYC Homeport Regatta

About ASMBYC Homeport Regatta: Homeport Regatta encourages novice and expert racers. Sailors recently bitten by the racing bug — or those who would like to dip their toes into the hobby — are invited to sign up for the Homeport Regatta in April or May.

The free event has been running for more than 40 years under the mission to encourage new racers to the sport. Advertised as the regatta that “has been turning boaters into racers,” the Homeport Regatta is co-sponsored by the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs (ASMBYC), Women’s Sailing Association of Santa Monica Bay (WSA SMB), Pacific Mariners Yacht Club (PMYC) and South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club (SCCYC). The regatta is the perfect opportunity for sailors to break into the Marina del Rey racing scene.

“All are welcome to the competition and this free regatta is a way to encourage more boaters and new helmsmen to get in the race and see what it’s all about,” said Jana Davis, Homeport Regatta chair for the ASMBYC. “It’s not only an opportunity for those wanting to get into racing, but also seasoned crew looking to give new members a chance at the helm.”

The event kicks off with an instructional seminar followed by a day of racing at no cost. Yacht club membership is not required. There are no PHRF rating requirements.

“The focus for Homeport is on education, new experiences and of course friendly competition,” she said. “The more boats we have entering regattas in Santa Monica Bay, the more exciting those regattas become, and our hopes are Homeport continues to seek out and welcome new racers to come join the mix with some of our regular racers and gain the confidence to seek out more racing opportunities.”

All participants are invited to attend an instructional seminar, which will cover race planning and Santa Monica Bay’s “Chart 16.” A day of racing followed by festivities, food and trophy presentations at the corresponding hosting yacht club.

by Ambrosia Brody April 23, 2015

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